Hello there!

I am Sarah...

As founder So Inspired Fitness, I provide workouts and resources for busy women who:

  • struggle to find time to exercise

  • desperately want to love their bodies again

  • are looking for an exercise plan that will work for the long-haul

I'm also passionate about enabling women transform their relationship with exercise and healthy living, by "treat yourself they way you would someone you cherish" and finding the balance.

Outside of So Inspired Fitness, I can be found chasing my 10 and 5 year-old sons, (yes, it’s that crazy), sneaking my own in 10-minute workouts before taking live session, and spending time as much time is possible at the beach paddle boarding or climbing trees with the boys.

I am delighted that you have found

So Inspired Fitness


Our message here is

"Be good to you, then inspire others"


Believing the lie that aiming for perfection, telling our selves off or using guilt as a way to motivate yourself to eat right and exercise will NOT work. It’s time to break FREE of that cycle and find an enjoyable way to take care of your body and mind once and for all. This is a WONDERFUL  community of women. I hope you dive in and join the fun!